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Customer Testimonials

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"I just wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU Ms. Ranney.

I was driving back home to New Jersey on a family road trip.
I was on i-95 for hours and hours.  I did not realize when the speed limit
dramatically dropped from 70 mph down to 55 mph.

A Virginia State Trooper pulled me over and issued me an alarming
reckless driving ticket.  I later found out this could include massive
$1,000's in fines and jail time.  What!?!

I became stressed and afraid to say the least.

I found Ms. Ranney online and the moment I spoke to with Ms. Ranney,
her knowledge and honesty put me at ease.

For a minimal fee I not only got peace of mind, I saved $1,000's in
fines and did not need to drive back to Virginia to appear in court.

I would Absolutely recommend Ms. Ranney.
Unless you have a personal referral to another attorney, I would not
waste time surfing the net for the cheapest deal.  This is serious business.
Her rates are fair, and she is honest.

Thank you again!"
D. L.
St Johns, FL

"If you get  a ticket in VA, especially if you are from out of state driving through, and in search of a lawyer, look no further. You will be very satisfied with the service attorney Ranney provides. When I got my ticket for not moving over for an emergency vehicle, I called all the online advertised lawyers. Ms Ranney was the only one that called me back personally! She followed through timely and informed me of the process every step of the way. She took time to explain all the details to me. I never felt rushed. Her fee is also very reasonable. Don't waste your time looking around and call different numbers. This is it!"

North Carolina