The Law Firm of

Erin L.T. Ranney, PLLC

Attorney At Law

Phone:   (804) 318-1151  or (804) 212-5252

Taking criminal and traffic defense cases in Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Richmond, Henrico, New Kent, Hanover, Caroline, Hopewell, Prince George, Dinwiddie, Petersburg, Emporia, Greensville, Sussex, and across Virginia


Providing counsel on family law matters, including divorce, custody, visitation, support, and adoption


Providing estate planning services to those in Virginia, including wills, trusts, power of attorney, and advanced medical directives


All Criminal Defense, including:                                                                    All Estate Planning, including:

    Adult Felonies                                                                                                   Wills Drafting

    Juvenile Felonies                                                                                               Trust Drafting

    Adult Misdemeanors                                                                                       Power of Attorney

    Juvenile Misdemeanors                                                                                   Advance Medical Directives



All Traffic Defense, including:                                                                       All Family Law Matters, including:

    Drive on a Suspended Operator's License                                                   Divorce - Contested / Uncontested

    DUI                                                                                                                    Separation Agreements 

    Habitual Offender                                                                                            Equitable Distribution of Property

    Reckless Driving                                                                                               Spousal Support

                                                                                                                                 Child Support

Driver's License Restoration                                                                               Child Custody and Visitation

Expungement                                                                                                        Grandparent / Stepparent Custody and Visitation

                                           Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements